Solvent Printer Print Smoothly

In the structure, UV ink in the pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, without volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, non-irritating odor, to ensure that the ink in the printing process without clogging nozzle phenomenon, print smooth, Dry, fast curing Rich color, gloss, high saturation, Solvent Printer strong sense of production, superior color expression. At present UV ink can be difficult to achieve in some of the glass, tile, acrylic, leather and other materials can be printed.

1. Environmental protection: the traditional printing business caused by the pollution are generally more serious, and UV ink environmental protection is to improve this point,Solvent Printer but also conform to the needs of market development.

2. Dry fast: UV ink application Universal printing will be equipped with an LED UV cold light, in the printing process by direct exposure to UV ink directly curing, to achieve the hit that is dry, convenient and fast.

3. Anti-ultraviolet ability: light level to 7-8, the lowest outdoor three years.

1, without volatile organic solvents, Solvent Printer pollution is small, does not harm people's health, no explosion-proof device, no waste water treatment device.

2, there is no solvent due to the evaporation of ink film thickness caused by inconsistencies; printing is not worried about the damage to the substrate on the printing, ink quality and stability.

3, ink instantaneous drying, shorten the reaction time. Solvent Printer Can organize fast printing production line, ** improve printing efficiency.

4, the printing time to save ink, the vast majority of UV ink compared to traditional inks can increase the printing area of 40 to 50%.

5, ink is not blocking network, more conducive to the printing of fine products.

6, with better printing and printability

It must be noted that in the daily transportation and storage process, Solvent Printer the requirements of the bottle with UV inkjet ink is black opaque, tightly sealed cap to avoid the sun in the ultraviolet light caused by the internal solidification, while closing the bottle to avoid the Dust, particles and other impurities mixed. In use, the operator is required to lean back to the sun and pour the ink into the ink cartridge with the shadow.

Ink is not a separate individual, Solvent Printer it requires a combination of various factors in order to give full play to its expressive force. Of course, under the same conditions, the quality of the ink must be better than the poor quality of the ink has a better fluency and adhesion; will reduce the number of processing in the printing process; to ensure continuity of the screen; reduce waste ink,Solvent Printer saving output Cost; also conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the print head (poor quality of the ink will cause the print head of the plug, frequent excessive cleaning, soaking the print head, will reduce the life of the print head).