Solvent Printer Print The Effect

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printers have been used for years in outdoor durability printing. They protect images from environmental factors for a long time, and this ability has retained its initial popularity in the field of outdoor printing.

Solvent-based and weakly solvent type printing is the most significant in outdoor printing, such as car coating and outdoor sports ground. However, there are many kinds of technologies in the main interior areas, and fortunately the durability of the solvent type printing has a place in outdoor printing.

For example, the staples center in Los Angeles, this technology has been applied to make the NBA Los Angeles lakers in six big title banner, when the clippers in the center also was in 6 clippers player banners.

Epson company McCausland said, "the epson printer used weak solvent to the banner material, automobile coating, sidewalk coated and outdoor building coating has a good effect, we encourage outdoor projects use laminate. We have worked with laminar maker 3M and Avery to ensure that their laminates match our ink and vice versa.

He points out that using SureColor serial printers, printing service providers can produce outdoor logos that can last for three years or longer. SureColor S30670 is a four-color CMYK, economical model. SureColor S50670 has dual mode CMYK, which can choose white ink and suitable for high-speed production environment. In addition, the S70670 is intended for people who want to get the best picture quality for the market.

Solvent printing advantage: multi-function is one of the advantages of weak solvent type printing. The basic purpose of wide platform printing is to provide new options, products and functions for end users. A large number of available media and ink provide a limitless business opportunity for printing service providers. The product output durability of weak solvent printer is very good, making this kind of printer an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor applications. The printout of the Roland Eco - Sol MAX and Eco Sol MAX 2 ink can be kept outdoors for more than three years without laminating.

The effect of solvent type printing

How can printing service providers make solvent or weakly solvent printing more profitable? If the print service provider wants to have more output investment, it is important to have product features that are different from generic printers.

Almost any broad inkjet printer can be printed on a white medium. However, the ability to use white ink to create images on clean thin films has significantly different effects. Weak solvent ink now offers more options than single ink.

In addition to being able to match a large number of base plates, the ink also provides the user with a rich ink ability to make the image to a surprising effect, such as white ink or metallic ink. Metallic ink to create the images of the "stop", profit growth reached 30%, shows the end users to understand the ability of different products, measure the feasibility of a larger investment at the same time.