Solvent Printer The Hope

UV printer ink in recent years began to be active in the market printing ink,Solvent Printer  UV ink into the printing industry has brought new hope for the printing industry can be called almost a milestone. Because UV ink applications change the traditional process, expanding the application areas, Solvent Printer to achieve the traditional process can not solve the problem.

In the structure, the UV ink in the pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, without volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, non-irritating odor, to ensure that the ink in the printing process without clogging nozzle phenomenon, print smooth, Dry, fast curing. Color and rich, shiny, high saturation, Solvent Printer strong sense of production, superior color expression. At present UV ink can be more difficult to achieve in some of the glass, tile, acrylic, leather and other materials can be printed.

1. Environmental protection: the traditional printing business caused by the pollution are generally more serious, and UV ink environmental protection is to improve this point, but also conform to the needs of market development.

 2. Dry fast: UV ink application Universal printing will be equipped with a LED UV cold light, in the printing process by direct exposure to UV ink directly curing, to achieve the hit that is dry, convenient and fast.

 3. Anti-ultraviolet ability: light up to 7-8 level, the lowest outdoor three years.

1. Work efficiency, inkjet quality is very high, in any flat material surface color printing;

 2. Any hard, soft materials can be printed, a wide range of applications to the direction of diversification;

 3. The use of the technology, you can achieve what spray what spray, fast, high precision, any color, text, full color pattern once completed, saving time and efficient;

4. With the advantages of ordinary inkjet machine, Solvent Printer but also to achieve a multi-purpose machine, or screen printing industry better complement;

5.uv flatbed printer is fully automatic computer color high-speed printing, Solvent Printer uv light curing instant dry and solidified, spray-free surface treatment;

6. No plate, no copy and repeat the color printed text, the pattern has convex and concave color relief effect, can be sprayed white ink, that is, that is fast and efficient printing, Solvent Printer saving time to reduce costs and other advantages.

1. Avoid direct contact with the nozzle surface. Epson five generations of the first nozzle hole diameter than the hair is also fine, once the fingers, tools and other stains on the top, Solvent Printer dust stained on the surface, it is inevitable clogging nozzle, causing broken ink problem. Therefore, usually if you find the nozzle surface is dirty, be sure to use high-grade paper towels to avoid debris and other debris residue.

2. Proper storage of UV A tablet machine nozzle. Solvent Printer In general, we do not recommend a separate nozzle, because the outside temperature will affect the physical properties of residual ink inside the nozzle, such as high temperature will lead to evaporation of ink solvent, Solvent Printer quickly dry, causing nozzle clogging. If not timely cleaning, there may be corrosion of internal electronic components, Solvent Printer then the nozzle will be completely scrapped.

3. Shut down correctly. In order to ensure the normal use of flatbed printers, to avoid the inconvenience caused by power, be sure to install the transformer in the workplace. Solvent Printer Before the shutdown, the fairyland gear to OFF, the nozzle after the return to power, and finally unplug the plug. Do not suddenly turn off the power, this will cause the nozzle can not be returned to the ink stack and exposed to the air, prone to dry ink plug phenomenon.