Solvent Printer To Further Expand

Before turning on the power, Solvent Printer pay attention to the working voltage of the laser printer, whether it meets the external power supply requirements. Foreign purchase of laser printer operating voltage for many is 110V, not wrong.

(2) When the cover is turned on, Solvent Printer the laser printer enters the self-test state. At this point to pay special attention, there may be a laser leak, nor free to contact with high-pressure parts, Solvent Printer but can not be measured with a multimeter to avoid electric shock and burn the instrument.

(3) temperature out of control will make the machine has a burnt smell, in this case, should reduce the time of power test to avoid the fixing roller and pressure roller overheating and damage. Solvent Printer Note that the laser printer warm-up time is generally within 1.5 minutes, so, Solvent Printer such as preheating more than 2 minutes to consider turning off the power, so as not to burn heat roller and other accessories.

(4) Do not use large capacity fuses or other conductors, Solvent Printer replace the specified capacity of the fuse and overload protection components. Solvent Printer Replace the fuse when the first troubleshooting, and then replace the new fuse to prevent further expansion of the fault.

(5) measurement of integrated circuit chip, should be used to measure the chip edge of the circuit connection method. To prevent the measurement chip leads to the foot, Solvent Printer the table touch short circuit (due to the introduction of integrated circuit pin is very close).

(6) laser printer connector a lot of maintenance to remember their respective location, color, etc., to prevent the reset when the wrong, resulting in a new fault. Solvent Printer All the wiring must be fixed according to the original location, to prevent the electromagnetic field cross induction, causing print quality degradation.

(7) the replacement of new components must use the same type of components, even the replacement components, the main

(8) Laser laser and optical components, Solvent Printer can not be arbitrarily disassembled adjustment, or will cause the laser aging, focusing off, affecting the print effect or font deformation.

(9) laser printer cartridge components, Solvent Printer not free to disassemble, photosensitive drum can not touch, but can not use the solvent to wipe, so as not to damage the light guide layer, drum components should be stored in the dark place, so as to avoid excessive exposure caused by scrapping.

(10) laser printer on the working environment is higher, can not work in a particularly humid environment. For the paper humidity requirements are also very strict, Solvent Printer can not be used tide or surface coated with non-temperature coated paper, otherwise it will cause paper jam.

(11) When the printer "jam", Solvent Printer turn off the power immediately, pause for a while, then open the cover first remove the cartridge and pull the jam out in the direction of the paper. Solvent Printer Can not be forced to pull, which will damage the photoelectric sensor lever. The printer is still a high voltage within a short time there is a high voltage, to prevent electric shock.

(12) can not arbitrarily adjust the adjustment elements on the circuit board, so as to avoid the work point offset and delay circuit offset, so that the work part of the time sequence chaos, can not print properly.

(13) laser printer used by the components, Solvent Printer mostly imported or the production plant dedicated components

In the structure, the UV ink in the pigment particle diameter of less than 1 micron, without volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, non-irritating odor, Solvent Printer to ensure that the ink in the printing process without clogging nozzle phenomenon, print smooth, Dry, fast curing. Color and rich, shiny, high saturation, strong sense of production, superior color expression. Solvent Printer At present UV ink can be more difficult to achieve in some of the glass, tile, acrylic, leather and other materials can be printed.