Solvent Printer Widely Used

In recent years, solvent-borne printer reputation is not very good, Solvent Printer but it should not be the case. At least in outdoor applications, Solvent Printer its status should not be so. Then to draw a few questions. What are the most significant areas of solvent-based printers and when will they become an economic option?

Expert interpretation of the market for solvent-based printing evaluation is not very poor. "I have not heard of the poor reputation of solvent-based printing," Solvent Printer said Matt McCausland of Epson. "We mentioned a weak solvent-based printer that should not be used when describing the Epson SureColor printer. 'Solvent Printer To describe, they are designed for outdoor durability and design.

Pigment with chemical as a solvent, Solvent Printer when it hit the paper, will penetrate into the medium. When the solvent is volatilized during the heating process, the pigment is still retained in the medium, Solvent Printer which is why it is widely used in the outdoors. In the outdoor environment, you need the pigment to be preserved for a long time.

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printers have been used for many years in outdoor durability printing. They protect images from long-term resistance to environmental factors, Solvent Printer which maintain their initial popularity in the field of outdoor printing.

Solvent-based and weak solvent-based printing in the outdoor print the most significant, such as car coating, open field signs and other occasions. However, Solvent Printer there are many kinds of techniques in the main areas of the room, and fortunately, the durability of solvent-based printing makes it a place in outdoor printing.

With the continuous development of computer, network technology and printing equipment, UV inkjet printing technology is also constantly updated and improved, Solvent Printer the printing industry is facing a traditional way from printing to modern digital printing mode of technological revolution, UV printer inkjet printing Of the unprecedented development.

Inkjet digital printing is a non-pressure printing method, Solvent Printer no need to output film, the production of plates, is the use of computer graphics information on the control of the piezoelectric crystal, the nozzle of the ink at a certain pressure, from the fine nozzle , Solvent Printer The injection on the printing material to form graphic information.

UV inkjet printing is developed at the end of the 20th century, a new technology, which combines the advantages of inkjet printing technology and UV curing technology, Solvent Printer both inkjet printing technology in the use and operation of the convenience, but also light curing technology in Efficiency and physical advantages.