Sublimation Printer Applications And Technologies

Sublimation Printer Thermal sublimation printing applications and technologies. Many people may still be very unfamiliar with it, Sublimation Printer in fact, sublimation printing is mainly through the use of thermal energy to transfer pigments to the printing medium of the instrument, it can be controlled by the semiconductor heating elements of different temperatures to control the proportion of color and shade. It has the characteristics of continuous color, Sublimation Printer print out the image like spray-like delicate lubrication, particularly suitable for the portrait of exquisite delicate skin texture requirements, but also has a long-term preservation does not fade the characteristics.

Because heat sublimation printing is controlled by heating time and temperature, so each print color point can show a change of 256 levels of concentration, and inkjet printers are ink to simulate the color change, can not control the concentration of every a color points change, so it is necessary to use 256 ink-jet points to be able to show a 256-step color. Compared with inkjet printers and color laser printers, the advantages are as follows:

1, in the expression of color, sublimation printer is much better than inkjet printer, thermal sublimation printer 300dpi accuracy almost equivalent to inkjet printer 4800dpi effect. And it through the ribbon on each of the semiconductor components to adjust the different temperature, can be combined with the color of the proportion and shading degree, to achieve continuous tone color effect. Therefore, Sublimation Printer in terms of the quality of photographic printing, the color fidelity and reducibility of the images printed by the sublimation printer are better than those of inkjet printing and color laser printing.

2, the coating function is a unique feature of sublimation printing. Because the sublimation printing is mainly used to print photos, and the photo coating, the overall color will be more bright and bright, but also has a waterproof, anti-oxidation function, in the preservation aspect than the traditional inkjet printer out of the picture to be longer.