Sublimation Printer Hot Generation

Art glass printer, UV printer for young and strong digital color printing equipment, is a non-contact inkjet printer, it can not film, no chromatography, and unlimited material printing, Sublimation Printer such as: glass, wood, tiles , Steel, panel, acrylic, PVC on the heart to write, of course, no pattern of printing. Perhaps this is the reason why people who use this UV printer now, UV printers are so many, Sublimation Printer sometimes thinking that the printing industry is slowly turning around or will be subject to new qualitative changes that have yet to be seen. But look at the development of society 3D tile backdrop printer, UV printer is certainly an inevitable road, just do not know how far it will go, or that it will open a new digital printing era, Sublimation Printer and now slowly hot generation Of the 3D printing era, if you can really mature, then of course the process of UV printer is through the credit.

I do not know how many years ago the history of inkjet from the application to today has gone through a few hundred years of history, still in use. A can only be printed on the soft material into the printing machine is widely used for hundreds of years, from here is not difficult to imagine, Sublimation Printer 3D tile backdrop printer can not only realize the function of the inkjet printer can also be in the hard product On the direct printing color printing.

According to logical thinking up analysis than the inkjet printer, then it should go far at least far away it Of course, do not deny it may appear soon to be more advanced new machinery and equipment replaced, if it is so at least a decade to go it a short decade of UV printer process can be said to be a hundred cross, Sublimation Printer cross-sector multi-industry can Application, perhaps with this relationship has a lot of reasons, resulting in the demand for UV printer speed rise from last year and this year's sales point of view, Sublimation Printer to achieve a 20% trend rise. This also proves that the UV printer has brought a lot of investment and business friends with a very good profit margins. In the next few years I believe that the UV printer will move to a new peak, Sublimation Printer because now although you see a lot of UV printer promotion of information, but it is still in the beginning for the time, Sublimation Printer in other words: who has a UV printer is equivalent to who has a color printing industry。