Sublimation Printer Humane And Comprehensive

Market demand generates portable printers: People's demand for printed products is increasing over time, in the original stage, people's requirements for the printer is to print faster, better quality, however, technical progress and realistic requirements to make the above requirements are no longer strong, the current print quality of the printer is very good, The development of space is not too much, Sublimation Printer printing speed also has a big leap, so people began to ponder other needs, such as portable printing. Portable printing has two main requirements for printers, Sublimation Printer one is mobility, the other is small size, in the final analysis is the need for "little" printer, free from the bulky shape to move portable. Nowadays, with the development of mobile office, the function of all kinds of Office printing equipment is more humane and comprehensive, and the "dapper" products are more widely used in the field, and for those who go out to work all the year round, the portable printer is paid more and more attention by the industry.

Portable printers are generally used for carrying, with small size, light weight, battery-driven, easy to carry and so on.

The size of the compact also limits the print format, Sublimation Printer the majority of the market currently portable printers can only print A6 format around the photo, can print A4 format of the products, such as Epson ME-10, HP born D1568, But with our MPT-8 portable A4 printer is slightly more cumbersome: The above two printer weight is 2.30Kg, 1.95Kg, far heavier than the Division I MPT-8 0.75Kg. Sublimation Printer Functionally speaking, the above two printers do not support network printing, and MPT-8 support wireless WiFi printing, features have advantages.

Portable printers The development of the introduction: Portable printers as emerging products are in the development period, many technologies and functions are in the exploratory stage, and this development period will continue for a long time, the current market conditions are far from reaching the market maturity. Sublimation Printer The main performance in the following aspects: The portable printer's movement is the core of the printing output, is the highest cost, technical content is relatively high, manufacturing process requirements are very complex key components. At present, the domestic brand of portable printer used in the movement of overseas procurement, Sublimation Printer the movement of procurement costs is the key factor affecting their product costs. There is no key cost control capability, there is no portable printer of the movement of local production capacity, Sublimation Printer will be about the development of China's portable printers, which is the key competitive factor in the portable printer industry.