Sublimation Printer Use Heat

Sublimation technology is the use of thermal energy to transfer the pigment to the print media, Sublimation Printer the color of each color by the print head temperature control, Sublimation Printer the maximum can have 256 levels. Because the pigment is applied to the paper by the sublimation process, the three primary colors are fused to form a continuous gradation, much better than the ink droplets for inkjet printing. Sublimation Printer In contrast to the printing effect, the color sublimation printer can be said to be the best partner for digital cameras, so this printer is often referred to as color digital photo printer, Sublimation Printer especially for print on the delicate delicate texture of the request With long-term preservation is not easy to fade characteristics.

As the sublimation printer sublimation of each color is controlled by the temperature of the print head, and each print color point can show a 256 color level changes, Sublimation Printer the pigment is sublimation process through the gas phase applied to the paper, Sublimation Printer three The primary color fusion can form a continuous color level, Moreover, due to the color sublimation printer does not exist droplet diffusion problem, the actual resolution reached a very good realm, 300dpi sublimation printing equivalent to 4800 × 4800dpi color The effect of inkjet printing. Sublimation Printer Therefore, the use of thermal sublimation to print out the image can be fine as spray, lubrication, print out the image of the color fidelity and reducibility and inkjet printers, Sublimation Printer color laser printer even better.

When using the sublimation printer to output images, the printer will be a layer of protective film on the image, this function can be described as a unique function of the sublimation printer, Sublimation Printer to the image after the film, the photo not only has a waterproof, ### characteristics, Save the image than the traditional inkjet printer output photos to be much longer, with long-term preservation does not fade the characteristics, Sublimation Printer and its overall color will feel more bright and bright.

All printer manufacturers to provide users with laser or inkjet printer products, marking speed to print speed as a standard measurement unit. But the sublimation printer because the use of printing technology and laser or inkjet printer is different from the general print less than one per minute, Sublimation Printer so the sublimation printer print speed in seconds to express the general sublimation printer print speed of about 90 seconds, The first time is longer, because the need to preheat the heated print head. Sublimation printer in the printing will be red, yellow and blue three-color film by heat treatment followed by vaporization and imprinting on the special photo paper, because the heating device heating level can be divided into 128 or 256, Sublimation Printer so heating up Vaporization pigment concentration is also different, resulting in the color will also have a 128 or 256 consecutive color scale, Sublimation Printer which is the concept of color level. Ternary color 128 or 256 per color, Sublimation Printer can produce a total of 209.7 million colors or 16.77 million color continuous color, 16.77 million color This has been almost the human eye can distinguish the depth of the color limit. Sublimation printers use 256 grade color levels.