Sublimation Printer Working Principle

Sublimation printer works will be 4 kinds of color (cyan, magenta, yellow and black, or CMYK) solid pigment (called color roll) set up on a drum, the drum installed tens of thousands of semiconductor heating element, when raise the temperature of the heating element to a certain extent, it can be a solid pigment directly into gas (solid not be liquefied become gas process is called sublimation, so this printer is known as sublimation printer), then the gas jet to the print media. Each semiconductor heating element can adjust the 256 kinds of temperature, which can adjust the color proportion and the intensity of the color, and realize the effect of the color of the continuous tone.

Sublimation technology is the use of heat to transfer the pigment to the printing medium. The density of each color is controlled by the temperature change of the printing head, and the maximum can be 256 levels. Because the pigment is applied to the paper by the process of sublimation process, the three kinds of primary colors can form successive levels of color, which are much better than inkjet printing. List in terms of print, color sublimation printer is the best partner, digital camera, therefore, this kind of printer and is often called color digital photo printer, especially suitable for printing on as the requirement of the delicate and exquisite skin texture, also has the characteristics of preserved for a long time is not easy to fade. Magenta, yellow, green, this is our daily said three primary colors, any other colors can be through the three primary colors mixed, sublimation printer is achieved by three color collocation a variety of colors and color depth. However, in the process of sublimation printing, the three colors are not printed at the same time, but each time a color is used, and the required color requirements are formed through three printing combinations. Also for this reason, the print media in the process of printing, total need to pass the printer 3 times, also make the sublimation printer to print process is slow, but very high photo print quality is enough to make up for the defects. Some sublimation printers have a membrane process after three coloring. That is, the special material of the ribbon is sublimated and attached to the paper surface to form a protective film, which can be used to prevent oxidation and discoloration, waterproof, fingerprint and so on. This is what inkjet printers can't do. Sublimation printer ribbon is one-time use of it, the ribbon generally typed and form a complete set to sell together, each roll of ribbon yellow, red, blue three colors as a group, each printed a photograph, it had a set of ribbon. So while the sublimation printer can be printed at low resolution, printing costs can't be reduced, and only a little more printing speed can be made, and the proposal is always printed at the highest resolution.

Also, by the way remind: after printing, printing of images, words, may used the ribbon of the latent image, if print the contents of the confidential information, suggest keep the ribbon, and destroyed after use. Printer is also called the output resolution, it is to point to when printing on the horizontal and vertical directions can print points per inch, usually in "points per inch" namely dpi (dot per inch). The maximum resolution is the maximum resolution that a printer can print, which is the ultimate resolution of printed output. Generally speaking, printer resolution is the maximum resolution of the printer, and the resolution of the sublimation printer is generally 300 times 300 dpi.