The Purpose Of Using The Compensation Means And The Specific Operating Mechanism

Sheet metal processing can not be separated from the implementation of this important bending machine equipment, bending height of the workpiece with the performance of the equipment has a direct relationship, it is necessary to strictly control the accuracy of the bending machine, if unfavorable factors , It should be promptly ruled out compensation.

When the bending machine at work, it is the end of the slider to withstand the force is very large, so the surface is prone to deformation. In order to overcome this drawback, the bending deformation of the bender slider can be compensated.

There are two kinds of compensation for bending machines, one is the hydraulic compensation mechanism, there is a mechanical compensation mechanism, although the process of operation are different, but their goal is the same, are to make bending machine work Taichung upward elastic deformation, in order to offset the deformation of the machine tool slider to ensure the accuracy of the processing of the joint surface to improve the accuracy of the workpiece.