Acrylic Diamond Edge Polishing Machine

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This acrylic diamond edge polishing machine uses a diamond cutter to perform precision surface cutting of acrylic to achieve a mirror effect. Its light transmittance (such as plexiglass, acrylic, light guide plate, crystal block) can achieve the effect of surface polishing. This machine eliminates the need for traditional polishing processes (such as cloth wheel polishing, flame polishing, etc.) and saves labor, which is environmentally friendly and labor-saving.

After being polished with acrylic diamonds, the products are sharp, transparent, smooth and straight. It is suitable for high-grade acrylic products, precision polishing of crystal products. Product quality and product efficiency are extremely high, and it is one of the indispensable equipment for the production of acrylic products manufacturers.

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Diamond Polishing Machine

Technical Specification

2100mm X 1000mm X   1600mm ≤ 2KW Machine size Complete machine power
380V 1500KG Power supply Complete machine weight
0-10000R/Min 0 - 1mm Principal axis sped Principal axis depth cut
0- 1000mm/Min Cutting speed Cutting manner Work piece feeding
0 °- 60° 100mm X 1100mm Cutting angle Work area
≥ 0.45Mpa 80mm Compressed air The size of dust mouth


1. The processing efficiency is particularly high. The workload of one machine exceeds the output of 10-20 workers.

2. High time utilization. after the worktable cutting process is completed, it can be quickly returned to the original position, saving 1/2 to 1/3 of the effective time.

3. Processing of plexiglass mirror joints will not have defects such as bubbles caused by traditional processes.

4. The acrylic diamond edge polishing machine has wide applicability and can process the surface of the workpiece with large or small width. It can omit the traditional processing steps such as planing, throwing, grinding and scraping, which saves the manufacturing cost and reduces the loss rate.

5. The use of diamond polishing machine can improve processing accuracy. This machine uses a dial dial to control the cutting depth, which is easy to operate and easy to master.

6. This polishing machine is extremely environmentally friendly. It has no dust and spatter in the working process, which can avoid the flying of the abrasive powder in the traditional cloth wheel polishing machine, and keep the working environment clean and tidy.

7. The operation safety of the equipment is strong and the accident rate is small.