Acrylic Diamond Polishing Machine

Product Details

The acrylic diamond polishing machine removes all the sawtooth traces of the plexiglass with a single pass of the device and its edges are bright. Single or multiple pieces can be passed through high precision spring clamps. The pulley automatically adjusts the thickness to make the workpiece securely mounted on a special 10,000-rpm high-frequency spindle, and then polished by a polishing knife to achieve high flatness and brightness.

The feed rate can be adjusted. And the  polishing angle can be adjustable from 0-60°. The pulley set can be easily opened to the left and right, and it is very safe to adjust or install the tool to get a good protection effect.

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Diamond Polishing Machine

Technical Specification

2100mm X 1000mm X   1600mm ≤ 2KW Machine size Complete machine power
380V 1500KG Power supply Complete machine weight
0-10000R/Min 0 - 1mm Principal axis sped Principal axis depth cut
0- 1000mm/Min Cutting speed Cutting manner Work piece feeding
0 °- 60° 100mm X 1100mm Cutting angle Work area
≥ 0.45Mpa 80mm Compressed air The size of dust mouth


1. The acrylic diamond polishing machine is simple to operate and easy to use. 

2. It has a wide applicability and can process workpiece surfaces with larger or smaller widths, saving manufacturing costs and reducing the loss rate.

3. The machine performance is stable. This machine uses a dial to control the cutting depth, which can improve the machining accuracy.

4. Suitable for medium and large-scale enterprises.