Fire Polishing Machine

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Fire Polishing Machine

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Fire Polishing Machine


Flame polishing machine is start manufacture at 2002, It is widely used in Organic glass, acrylic, crystal words polishing

and other artware product.It makes product Glittering and translucent through 2800degree high temperature works on the 

material, to get rid of the bad corner,little inner holes,roughness of semi-finished product .


1.Combustion is distilled water or pure water, small amount of alcohol (not used as a fuel).combustion is easy way to get ,

and easy  way to save.

2.No pollution,the  exhaust product would be vapour ,

3.product shows neat after polishing ,and no deformation.

4. Portable machine, simple operation.

Technical Specification 

Mode  F101  F202 F303 F308
Voltage 220V/50HZ
(The traditional pure copper transformer rectification constant current power supply)
Walt 500W 800W 1500W 2000W
Solvent consumption 3c.c/hr 6c.c/hr 8c.c/hr 10c.c/hr
Water consume 20c.c/hr 40c.c/hr 45c.c/hr 50c.c/hr
Gas produce 80Liter/h 160Liter/hr 200Liter/hr 240Liter/hr
Dimension 38*27*35(cm) 44*30*35(cm) 48*39*38(cm) 66*40*38(cm)
Weight    22KG   31KG      42Kg   55KG


*Polish uneven and hard-to-reach area of acrylic products

*LED dies welding

*Computer wires trimming

*Metal welding (Gold,silver,copper.....etc.)

*Metal parts partial heat treatment

*Micro parts cutting and welding

*Repair of sand holes of gears

*Enamel wires lead trimming

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