One Way Vision

Product Details


One Way Vision stickers are a very effective advertising material for attaching pressure-sensitive adhesives and release papers from black and white PVC laminates. They are suitable for posting glass doors and windows, glass curtain walls or glass surfaces of vehicles. It has both the use of sheltering sunlight and the effect of advertising.


1. This high quality single transparent stickers can be used for the posting of glass windows of automobiles. It does not affect the sight of the people inside the car (especially the driver) when looking out from the car. Its light transmittance is 50%, which is the same as the light transmittance of the glass before the posting, but the effects of the two are significantly different. After posting a single transparent sticker, you can see a beautiful advertisement. In this way, this One Way Vision sticker not only beautify the city, but also increase the effectiveness of advertising.

2. Single-sided penetration can not only play the role of shading. The light has become very soft as the sun shines through the small holes that pass through the single side. It allows the user to feel that posting a single face is clearer than looking at the sun film and it feels cooler.


1. Bus shelters, exhibition centers, telephone booths, conference centers and glass curtain walls that can be seen everywhere outdoors.

2. Bus, taxi rear window, large-scale senior business sedan, subway, freight car body advertising.

3. Glass shops in fast food restaurants, chain restaurants, gas stations, department stores, supermarkets, banks, lounges, hotels, motels, small retail stores, etc.;

Precautions for use

Single-sided penetration is easy to absorb water due to the small holes in the perforated perspective. Vacuuming, especially when it is rainy, will affect the driver's visual effect. So if you apply a protective film on one side, the driving safety performance is greatly improved.