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Reflective Sticker/film

Reflective sticker/film is a retroreflective material that can be applied directly. The stickers are made using glass bead technology, microprism technology, synthetic resin technology, thin film technology and coating technology and microreplication technology. It is available in a variety of colors, usually white, yellow, red, green, blue, brown, orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow green, etc.

Material characteristics:

1. Compared with ordinary light box printing cloth, the advertisement used in this film can achieve visibility for 24 hours.

2. Compared with auxiliary light source advertisements such as lamp light box and external light source, it is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and lower in cost of use.

3. Compared with ordinary reflective materials, it has inkjet and tensile strength and stronger reflective strength.

4. Reflective inkjet materials have the unique characteristics of reflective materials that add safety performance to the road.

Reflective Film and Reflective Sticker/Vinyl Price List

Model Name Specification   Mesh Price/USD Weight/m² N.W/KG G.W/KG Diameter length CBM/m³
T7200 Reflective    Vinyl
     (with seam)
0.91M*50M PVC film, with Glue $0.000 410g 18.65 21.99 22cm 0.96M 0.046
1.02M*50M PVC film, with Glue $0.000 410g 20.91 24.68 22cm 1.07M 0.052
1.24M*50M PVC film, with Glue $0.000 410g 25.42 29.95 22cm 1.29M 0.062
1.35M*50M PVC film, with Glue $0.000 410g 27.65 33.63 22cm 1.4M 0.067
1.52M*50M PVC film, with Glue $0.000 410g 31.16 37.7 22cm 1.57M 0.075
T7200   1.24M*50M PVC film, with Glue $0.000 410g 25.42 29.95 22cm 1.29M 0.062
T7100 Printable    Reflective Film 520#
     (with seam)
1.35M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 27 31.11 22cm 1.4M 0.067
1.55M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 31 37.49 22cm 1.6M 0.077
1.8M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 36 45.44 22cm 1.85M 0.089
2.25M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 45 52.22 22cm 2.3M 0.112
2.7M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 54 66.03 22cm 2.75M 0.133
3.15M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 63 75.35 22cm 3.2M 0.155
T7100 Printable    Reflective Film 550#
     (with seam)
1.35M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 33.75 37.4 22cm 1.4M 0.067
1.55M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 38.75 44.68 22cm 1.6M 0.077
1.8M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 45 55.54 22cm 1.85M 0.089
2.25M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 56.25 63.5 22cm 2.3M 0.112
2.7M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 67.5 74.8 22cm 2.75M 0.133
3.15M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 78.75 91.33 22cm 3.2M 0.155
T7100 Printable    Reflective Film 520#
     (without seam)
1.24M*50M 200d*500d,18*12 $0.000 410g 24.8 39.44 22cm 1.29M 0.062
Printable Reflective Film 550#
     (without seam)
1.24M*50M 500d*500d,9*9 $0.000 510g 33.7 37.4 22cm 1.29M 0.062

Scope of application:

Reflective sticker/film is widely involved in public security traffic, traffic supervision, fire protection, railways, coal mines and other departments. The civil reflective materials are mainly reflective cloth, reflective crystal lattice, reflective printing cloth and so on.

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Reflective Sticker/film

Reflective Sticker

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