Large Format Digital Solvent Printer

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This large format digital solvent printer can be much higher than other high speed printers. It saves time and saves on production and management costs. The printer's color performance is unparalleled and its color is amazing, so it is suitable for all industries. This product solves the drying problem and reduces scrap and labor costs. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.


Technology Drop-on-dem and Piezo Inkjet Technology
Printing width 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m
Print-head form Xaar XJ-128/360 Xaar XJ-128/360 Xaar XJ-128/360
Color 4 color / C M Y K
Print-headquantity 8 12 16
Ink Supply System Bulk ink with Germany filter, automatic ink    supply by pump
Resolution Horizontal 240 and 360 dpi combine to Vertical 540 and 720 dpi
Printing speed 2 pass-46 m²/h 2 pass-51  m²/h 2 pass-72  m²/h
3 pass-32  m²/h 3 pass-37  m²/h 3 pass-54  m²/h
4 pass-23  m²/h 4 pass-28  m²/h 4 pass-42  m²/h
6 pass-17  m²/h 6 pass-22  m²/h 6 pass-28  m²/h
File format TIFF/JEPG/(RGB & CMYK)
Auto Suction Builk in vacuum cleaner for print head autosuction while printing
Interface PCI interface, data transferred by Opital Fibercable
Heater Builk in pre and post heating control by PID temperature controller
Media PVC,Banner, Canvas, Flex media, SAV, Mesh, One-way vision, etc
Sizes 4660x770x1140mm
Power supply 220V

indoor temperature 20-28 degree; indoor humidity 40%-60% RH non-condensing


1. The large format digital solvent printer uses continuous ink recycling technology, equipped with original high-density ink, and can print continuously for many hours.

2. The mechanical strength of the high-precision imported aluminum alloy forming beam can be comparable to that of the imported machine.

3. High-precision imported linear guides, high-precision multi-point force platen, and high-precision automatic release system ensure accurate feeding.

4. The machine uses fully automatic operation. It can automatically absorb ink, automatically scrape ink, and automatically seal the head device.

5. The height of the nozzle is adjustable according to the thickness of the material, and the height of the sprayer is manually and steplessly adjusted, which is convenient and simple; the large-capacity ink cartridge makes the ink supply smoother and easier to add ink.

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It can be used in arts and crafts, hardware, glass, leather, plastic products, leather products, indoor and outdoor advertising, signage, fabric processing and other industries.

This printer solves the following problems:

1. Solve the problem that the program is cumbersome and manual in traditional printing.

2. Solve the problem of printing difficulty and complex color when multi-color or gradient color in traditional printing.

3. Solve the problem that the operator needs to have professional technology in the printing.