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This large format printer with spare parts uses a high quality printhead. It prints fast and at a low price. It really allows customers to rely on low inputs for high output. In the process of heating the weak solvent printer, the ink droplets will spread to the periphery, so it will be smooth and delicate after drying. Its operation is simple and convenient, and it is equipped with a large suction platform to make the suction uniform, so its working efficiency is high.

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Large format printer spare parts Details show

Technology Drop-on-dem and Piezo Inkjet Technology
Printing width 3.2m 3.2m 3.2m
Print-head form Xaar XJ-128/360 Xaar XJ-128/360 Xaar XJ-128/360
Color 4 color / C M Y K
Print-headquantity 8 12 16
Ink Supply System Bulk ink with Germany filter, automatic ink    supply by pump
Resolution Horizontal 240 and 360 dpi combine to Vertical 540 and 720 dpi
Printing speed 2 pass-46 m²/h 2 pass-51  m²/h 2 pass-72  m²/h
3 pass-32  m²/h 3 pass-37  m²/h 3 pass-54  m²/h
4 pass-23  m²/h 4 pass-28  m²/h 4 pass-42  m²/h
6 pass-17  m²/h 6 pass-22  m²/h 6 pass-28  m²/h
File format TIFF/JEPG/(RGB & CMYK)
Auto Suction Builk in vacuum cleaner for print head autosuction while printing
Interface PCI interface, data transferred by Opital Fibercable
Heater Builk in pre and post heating control by PID temperature controller
Media PVC,Banner, Canvas, Flex media, SAV, Mesh,One-way vision, etc
Dimensions 4660x770x1140mm
Power supply 220V

indoor temperature 20-28 degree; indoor humidity

40%-60% RH non-condensing


1. High resolution. The large format printer with spare parts uses a high-quality printhead, the nozzle works fast, and has an output quality of up to 1440dpi.

2. High speed. The staggered alignment of the printheads significantly increases productivity.

3. High print quality. The new variable drop control technology achieves three gray levels, making printing more detailed and accurate. Even at high speeds or low resolutions, VSD technology can be used to output perfect print results.

4. Multiple smart heaters. Each heater can individually control the heater heating medium to achieve the proper temperature to improve ink absorption. The front heater reduces drying time and increases the delivery speed.

5. Automatic damper take-up system. The automatic take-up unit synchronizes the winding to avoid step or offset problems.

6. Adjust the printhead height to accommodate more different media. The printhead height can be adjusted to the thickness of the media to ensure good spray quality.

7. Intelligent feathering printing function. It eliminates broken images and makes printing more perfect and delicate.

8. The X and Y axes use high-power servo DC motors to ensure accurate transmission. High resolution and precise feed speed for long life.

9. Use the Hi-Speed USB-HiUSB interface. The transmission speed is as fast as possible, making network transmission faster and more convenient.

10. High stability. Industrial circuit design ensures reliable and stable circuits. A good high-capacity automatic ink supply system and body design ensure the overall stability of the machine.