Spectra Polaris 512 15pl Head Solvent Printer

Spectra Polaris 512 15pl Head Solvent Printer
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This spectra polaris 512 15pl head solvent printer is designed and developed for customers who have higher standards in terms of speed, quality and versatility. It provides business operations with greater productivity and benefits that other printers cannot provide. It uses a new generation of environmentally friendly weak solvent inks with a wider color gamut for higher quality output.

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Print   heads KM512/14PL KM512/35PL KM512/42PL
Printing Speed Resolution Print mode 4    heads 8    heads
240*720 2   pass 45   m2/h 90   m2/h
240*1080 3   pass 29  m2/h 55  m2/h
240*720 4  pass 23  m2/h 45  m2/h
360*720 4  pass 20  m2/h 40  m2/h
Media Print Width 3270mm
Paper Width 3380mm
Suitable media Flex, vinyl, one way vision, mesh,canvas,cloth, etc 
Ink Ink type C、M、Y、K
Ink Supply System Bulk ink with Germany filter, automatic ink supply by pump
Print Direction Single-direction
Package Dimension 4770(L)×960(W)×1560/1000(H) mm
Gross Weight 800KG / 900KG / 1200KG
Power Main body:100-240V\Heater:100-240\Take up:100-240
Work environment Temperature:20~28℃ Humidity:40%~70%RH


1. This kind of equipment solves the problem of integrating the flat material of the machine printing, mainly used in advertising, photo studio, decoration and other industries.

2. It updates the traditional finale and uses a suction plate. This suction plate absorbs material during printing, avoiding wrinkling and indentation.

3. It uses an advanced belt guide platform to avoid stretching due to all tension being limited to the retractor.

4. It can directly print a variety of flat materials and coils.

5. The three-way of the ink path realizes the free conversion between the cleaning liquid, the white ink and the color ink.

6. This printer uses a white ink automatic circulation and mixing system.

7. This equipment reserves the suction port to connect the vacuum cleaner.

8. It is equipped with a unique ink stack printhead protector.

Scope of application:

This spectra polaris 512 15pl head solvent printer is environmentally friendly, so it is widely used for printing beautifully on glass, aluminum-plastic board, foam board, fabric, plastic, metal sheet and other media.

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