Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer

Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer
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This Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer allows you to create high-precision printed products with limited investment and production space. At the same time, it can also complete batch orders at high speed, bringing you high market competitiveness.


Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer

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Prinhead Online micro piezoelectric printhead(double heads alternate permutation )
Head 1/2 Epson DX5 
Printhead height height can adjust 0-20mm(1.5mm~7mm no need to
setautomatical testing fabrics thickness for customer)
Print model

there are four DPI can be chosen and changed  
540dpi/720dpi/1080dpi/1440dpi;four print

modelcan be chosen:4pass/6pass/8pass/12pass

The biggest textile larghezza 1800mm
The biggest fabric larghezza 1830mm
Medium type Woven polyester shell fabric
Color 6color can be chosen: cyan、magenta、yellow、black、light cyan、light magenta
Ink type Sublimation ink
Power consumption print 1000w; heating 4000W
Power single AC +ground line 220V±10%  printing system 10A, heating system 20A 50HZ
Working environment temperature:23~30℃ humidity 35~65%Rh(not freeze)
Working Temperature 170℃ 


1. Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer has a high-precision Epson nozzle, making it printable at 1440dpi, showing high added value.

2. Industrial grade one-time structural design and industrial grade circuit design enhance the stability and reliability of the equipment.

3. Support water-based or oil-based printing mode, support a variety of media.

4. The user-friendly operation button has a high degree of intelligence, which makes the use more convenient.

5. The all-metal body effectively improves the stability of the equipment, reduces the scrap rate, and enhances the service life of the equipment.

6. It adopts high-quality aluminum beam, servo motor and stable frame to ensure the printing precision and stability.

7. The professional feeding system can be applied to non-elastic fabrics, which can stably transport c-materials and ensure the speed of textile printing.

8. This device can also make banners and banners.

9. You can configure the ink color according to the painting design requirements.

10. The constant temperature heating box has good sealing performance and fast heating to ensure constant temperature.

11. The environmentally friendly smoke evacuation filter system can effectively filter sublimation smoke and keep the environment clean.

12. The open sublimation ink supply system is compatible with a wide range of brands, giving customers the flexibility to control textile costs.

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Spare Parts

Epson DX5 printhead Ricoh GH  Sublimation ink  Material
Ink Bump Raster Raster decoder 1.6m LM sensor
24V relay 180W motor  Belt 2/3 stiff pipe