Large Format Sublimation Printer

Large Format Sublimation Printer
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This large format sublimation printer has a large number of semiconductor heating elements, so that the solid pigment can be directly converted into a gaseous state during heating, and it is ejected onto the printing medium. It can print all kinds of patterns in one machine.

This high performance, high efficiency, easy to operate printer is extremely stable. Its body is driven by a brushless motor. The all-digital AC servo motor has strong power, high precision, and high speed transmission speed, resulting in low noise.

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Epson DX5 Sublimation Printer price

Prinhead Online micro piezoelectric printhead(double heads alternate permutation )
Head 1/2 Epson DX5 
Printhead height height can adjust 0-20mm(1.5mm~7mm no need to
setautomatical testing fabrics thickness for customer)
Print model

there are four DPI can be chosen and changed  
540dpi/720dpi/1080dpi/1440dpi;four print

modelcan be chosen:4pass/6pass/8pass/12pass

The biggest textile larghezza 1800mm
The biggest fabric larghezza 1830mm
Medium type Woven polyester shell fabric
Color 6color can be chosen: cyan、magenta、yellow、black、light cyan、light magenta
Ink type Sublimation ink
Power consumption print 1000w; heating 4000W
Power single AC +ground line 220V±10%  printing system 10A, heating system 20A 50HZ
Working environment temperature:23~30℃ humidity 35~65%Rh(not freeze)
Working Temperature 170℃ 


1. Stable retractable and tension control system, combined with a single color display machine to make temperature control accurate, uniform color.

2. The large format sublimation printer features an advanced micro-piezo printhead capable of jetting dots as small as 1.5 picoliters up to a maximum resolution of 1440.

3. The ink cartridge can directly reach the nozzle ink bag, reducing the possibility of air leakage, thereby improving the sealing performance.

Application industry:

It is widely used in various industries such as building materials, advertising, digital casings, packaging, toys, craft gifts, electrical machinery panels, decorative painting, leather and many other industries.

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