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The digital flatbed t-shirt printer is designed and produced by us, which limits the intermediate procurement cost. The unique advantages of long-term printing technology development practice enable investors to quickly enter the new digital inkjet printing field and achieve success.

T-shirt printers have high productivity, high productivity, and long life. High resolution printing quality is exquisite. The color of the pattern is rich, the color is firm and the details are flawless. This equipment has low input cost and complete peripheral configuration. It is a diversified production printing equipment for investment and entrepreneurship.

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Model Ep2
Printing speed 720*360dpi 160pcs    t-shirt/hour
720*720dpi 140pcs    t-shirt/hour
720*1440dpi 80pcs    t-shirt/hour
Carriage drive type DC servo motor
Table driv type AC servo motor
Guide type Linear rail
Ink dot jet frequency 1 HZ-2000HZ optional
Ink dot type 1 bit, 2 bits, dark, halfton, real time
Color channel setting Optional choose
Color management ICC curve
Maximun thickness 10mm
Control Type Computer intelligent & PCL controller
Packing weight 350kg

Model Ep1 Ep2
Max. Working Size 1510*2400mm 1118mm*500mm/ 50*40cm*2
Printing Station 1 2
Printing speed Standard 720*720dpi 29m2/h Standard 720*720dpi 18m2/h
High resolution720*720dpi 23m2/h High resolution720*720dpi 14m2/h
High resolution720*1440dpi 7m2/h High resolution720*1440dpi 5m2/h
The highest resolution 1440*1440dpi
Print head Single TFP micro piezo print head
Technology 4.2pl smallest drops size/ 3.5pl smallest drops size
Nozzle setting Each color 720 nozzle
Print direction One-way print/Two-way print
Ink Textile / TP ink
Ink color Cyan,magenta,yellow,black,white
Ink capacity 700ml
Print speed 720*720dpiz:1 minute 1 T-shirt
720*1440dpiz:2 minute 1 T-shirt
Maximun thickness 1mm
Connector USB2.0,100/1000MB
Print software Wasatch soft RIP
Power AC100-240V 50-60HZ
Wattage 1500W
Packing size 2530*3200*1520mm 1630*1800*1530mm
Cotton purity >60-95% >60-95%


1. The white ink automatic circulation system not only realizes the overall circulation of the ink tube to the ink bag, but also completely solves the problem of clogging the nozzle, and also reduces the use cost of the ink.

2. The high-performance motherboard completely solves the defect that the printer becomes slow after a long time of printing.

3. The digital flatbed t-shirt printer can print a variety of flat fabrics, including silk, cotton, leather and so on.

4. It is easy to operate, highly automated, and efficient.

Working process:

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Black & White T-shirt →Epson TFP Head/ Textile pigment ink→Printing directly→Drying after printing→Fixed color→Products

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