Sublimation Printer Heat Press Machine

Sublimation Printer Heat Press Machine
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The sublimation printer heat press machine can transfer various sizes of pieces and products continuously and conveniently, and can transfer the cloth continuously. It is a practical equipment developed at home and abroad based on the long-term experience of customers and the advantages of combining international models, which basically meets the needs and output of the thermal transfer industry.

1.Textile Printer

Sublimation Paper Printer price Sublimation Paper Printer Pricelist


Model  E180-B or E320-B
Print Head  Industry Richo GH 220 Head or 2 Epson DX5   Head
Ink Drop  3.5pl
Number of Head  4 or 8
Print Resolution  720*1200dpi 720*600dpi
Print Head Hight(Adjustable) 1-10mm
Print Width  1.8m or 3.2m
Print Speed / 8H  2pass 90㎡/h High Speed ; 720*600dpi
 3pass 60㎡/h High Speed; 720*900dpi
 4pass 45㎡/h High Speed; 720*600dpi
 6pass 00㎡/h High Speed; 720*900dpi
Ink  Type  Heat transfer, Water-based, Eco solvent,or Sublimation Ink
 Color   C、M、K、Y
Print Workflow  Print job from control panel/Direct print   job from PC
Cleaning System  Auto Cleaning System 
Print Interface  USB
RIP Software RIP  Maintop/Photoprint/Wasatch
Workstation Operation System  WindowsXP Home or Professional Windows
Configuration CPU Pentium4,≧1500MHz
Environment Memory  2G
Free HD  80G 250G
Humidity  45-75%CH
Temperature  20-27℃
Packing size L*W*H(mm) 3360*1070*860
Machine size L*W*H(mm) 3220*820*1330
Gross Weight  450KG


1. The sublimation printer heat press machine adopts the whole machine type mainframe frame, which is not easy to be deformed and rotated, and the mechanical design of the guide cloth is smart and easy to operate.

2. It adopts automatic temperature controller, which can automatically adjust the holding current control with high precision, sensitivity and accuracy.

3. The main wall panel and all the shaft rollers are all reinforced and professionally crafted.

4. The small shaft transmission mode makes the transfer effect clearer.

5. The main roller is galvanized so it never rusts.

6. The transfer effect reaches the transfer effect of the plane hot stamping machine.

7. Paper-feeding and cloth-feeding are parallel and accurate without offset, with less floor space, saving labor and high overall efficiency.

Working process:

Sublimation Paper Printer

Heat Transfer Paper/ Heat Transfer Ink - Industry RICOH GH 220 Head/ Textile Pigment Printer - Heat Transfer/ Roller Type Sublimation Printing Machine


2. Roller type