1325 Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed Printer

1325 Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed Printer
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This 1325 Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed Printer uses a smart circulation ink supply system that shortens the ink supply distance and makes the ink path more stable. It has the function of directly outputting white ink. This device is able to make colors more vivid with white ink. It can achieve spot color output and can provide a variety of printing inks for special materials.

The printer's nozzles use automatic anti-blocking technology. It can be automatically wetted in a non-working state to keep it moist, avoiding the curing of the ink and causing the dude. It prints colors that are precise, hierarchical, and evenly uniform.

1325 Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed Printer

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Printing tech UV Curing Drop-on-demand Piezoelectric inkjet
Print heads Epson DX5 (Micro piezo print head)
Ink characteristics UV Curing ink
Ink reservoir Refillable on the fly while printing
Resolution Options 360*360dpi, 360*540dpi, 360*720dpi, 720*720dpi & 720*1440dpi
Printingspeed (with 4 color, 2 Epson heads) 360X720dpi 22    m2/H
360X1440dpi 16    m2/H
720X1080dpi 12    m2/H
720X1440dpi 6    m2/H
Max working size 130*250cm
Media type Rigid PVC board, ceramic tiles, glass, marble,granite, wood, sheet metal, Etc
Print head controls Print head temperature and voltage are software adjustable
Print height 1cm~10cm adjustable
Media handling option Sheet to sheet only
Drying system LED UV lamp (Mercury Lamp is optional)
Rip software Photo print, Ultra print (Window XP Or Window7)
Color management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
File format Bitmaps,TIFF, JPEG, Postscript 3, EPS, PDF Etc.
Electrical requirements 50Hz/60Hz, 220V(10%)>20A
Environmental requirements Ambient temperature: 20℃-30℃,   Relative humidity: 40%-70%


Equipped with imported UV LED lamp, the 1325 Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed Printer is energy saving, environmental and has longer life.

Individual ink purge and cleaning function reduce the cost consumption a lot.

The print speed is up to 24sqm/hour at standard mode for 10 heads/double 5 color.

Excellent negative pressure system ensures the continuous ink supply of print-heads.

Imported linear guide & AC servo motor guarantee the reliable running and precise printing.

UV INK DX5 print head
Print on ceramic 3D effect

Print on wood