Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed & Roll Printer

Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed & Roll Printer
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The Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed & Roll Printer is an inkjet printing high-tech digital printing device that is "non-contact with objects." It can be colored on the surface of any flat material. This printer can print any material and irregular soft and hard objects, such as metal, ceramic, crystal, glass, acrylic, PVC, plastic, toys, leather, U disk, cloth, wood, silicone, rice paper and so on. The printed pattern is beautiful in color and vivid in effect, and the image has the characteristics of waterproof, sunscreen, abrasion resistance, strong adhesion and no fading. This machine is easy to operate and stable in performance, and can create higher printing quality than traditional methods, fully meeting the high-intensity mass production requirements of various industries.



Printing techUV Curing Drop-on-demand Piezoelectric inkjet
Print head2 Epson DX5 heads
ColorCMYK+W & Double CMYK
Ink characteristicsUV Curing ink
Ink reservoirRefillable on the fly while printing
Resolution Options360*360dpi/360*540dpi/360*720dpi/720*720dpi/720*1440dpi

Printing speed

(C M Y K *2 )

360X720dpi22  m²/H
360X1440dpi16   m²/H
720X1080dpi12  m²/H
720X1440dpi6  m²/H
Max media size1.8m wide, roll to roll / sheet to sheet
Media type

Rigid PVC board, ceramic tiles, glass, marble, granite,

wood, sheet metal; flex banner, PVC vinyl, fabrics and tarpaulin etc

Print head controlsHead temperature and voltage are software adjustable
Print height1cm~5cm adjustable, semi-auto setting
Media handling optionroll to roll / sheet to sheet
Drying systemLED UV lamp (Mercury Lamp is optional)
Rip softwarePhoto print/Ultra print/Maintop
Color managementICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
File formatBitmaps,TIFF, JPEG, Postscript 3, EPS, PDF Etc.
Electrical requirements50Hz/60Hz, 220V(10%)>20A
Environmental requirementsAmbient temperature: 20-30℃, Relative humidity: 40-70%

1. Epson DX5 UV Flat Bed & Roll Printer uses advanced inkjet control technology to make the sprayed ink droplets close to a perfect circle and accurately ink on the medium. Its color expression is strong, and it can make the picture layer rich and delicate.

2. The heating temperature can be adjusted. The post heating is lower than the front heating, and the front heating can quickly dry the picture.

3. The entire machine tool is cleaned once, which effectively prevents the influence of platform unevenness on printing accuracy. The precision of the guide rail is high, which greatly improves the printing accuracy.

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Epson DX5 HeadEpson DX5 HeadHead Holder  UV LED Light

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