Roll To Roll Uv Coating Machine

Roll To Roll Uv Coating Machine
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This roll to roll uv coating machine is specially designed for printing various kinds of coil materials, such as thermal conductive film, PVC, PET, PP, PC and other materials. Each modular machine is self-contained and easy to install, demonstrating good UV coating technology. Each modular machine synchronous drive is supported by a servo sensor registration system, an automatic steering system and a tension control system that overcomes inaccurate registrations to ensure coating quality.

The machine is controlled by a touch screen to ensure easy operation and stable operation. The unique ink system guarantees excellent ink cure and prevents ink from falling. It is equipped with various monitoring systems to protect the machine system and ensure the safe operation of the machine.


Ricoh Head UV Flat Bed  

Printing tech UV Curing Drop-on-demand Piezoelectric inkjet
Print head 8 Ricoh GH2220
Color CMYK+WWWW & Double CMYK
Ink characteristics UV Curing ink/eco solvent ink
Ink reservoir Refillable on the fly while printing
Printing Width 1800mm
Print thickness 1-60mm

4    pass 6 pass 8 pass 12 pass
uv ink
18m²/h 14m²/h 10m²/h
eco-solvent ink 32m²/h 22m²/h 16m²/h 11m²/h
720*600dpi 720*900dpi 720*600dpi 720*900dpi
Max media size 1.8m wide, roll to roll / sheet to sheet
Media type

Rigid PVC board, ceramic tiles,glass,marble, granite,

wood, sheet metal; flex banner, PVC vinyl, fabrics ,

acrylic, cavas and tarpaulin etc

Auto Feeding Yes
Auto-cleaning Yes
Drying System LED light for eco solvent/LED UV light for UV
Print head controls Head temperature and voltage are software adjustable
Media handling option roll to roll / sheet to sheet
Software Photo print/Ultra print/Maintop/Seeget
Electrical requirements 50Hz/60Hz, 220V(10%)>20A
Operating environmental  temperature:20-28℃, humidity:45-75%CH
Package Environment 3550*1050*1560mm
Printer Size 3400*1250*1345mm
Weight 600kg


1. This roll to roll uv coating machine is suitable for flat coating of wood, plastic and metal. The finished product produced by the conductive liquid is smooth, fine and without chromatic aberration after the coating of the conductive liquid.

2. The coating wheel, the quantitative roller and the conveyor belt are all independently stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, and the control of the painting amount is extremely accurate.

3. The coating wheel is made of high quality material, equipped with high quality electroplating quantitative roller and imported stainless steel scraper or PU scraper. The device has a split structure that facilitates disassembly and cleaning.

4. There are also worktables at both ends of the conveyor belt, which can easily put in and recycle the plates, thus achieving easy and quick operation.

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